Daddy boot camp part 2

I got a call this week from EMMC to see if I and my newborn wanted to talk to a group of fathers-to-be about the last days before delivery and the first few months afterwards. I thought about it for a minute or two. Then I realized just what a terrible idea this really was.

For one I’m afraid that what I say will drive these stress out men over the edge weeks before their wives/girlfriends give birth. I’ll say something like “up all night” “ear-piercing scream” “gravity defying poop” or “my son hates me” and that might be just enough to make one of them drive past their house and on to Mexico.

It would only add to their panic when my son (who is wonderful most of the time) screams through the entire event because the class is scheduled at the same time he has penciled in to his calendar to cry for 90 minutes

I think letting some other “super dad” lead the group might be the best thing I can do for those poor bastards.


Pat Lemieux

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