Onesise pt 2

I received a lot of feedback on my original onsise post. Some shared with me some of the onsies they found cute or funny and stories from when their kids were little. Others found some of the onesies I was searching for and sent me photos or URL’s of where I could find them. The best though was my aunt and cousin, who spent hours online searching for a Motley Crue onesie that had the Dr. Feegood album cover on it. Last week I received a package with this inside.

Motely Crue’s Dr. Feelgood album may just be the best example of 80’s hair metal ever produced…..period.  Every song on that album is a monster, and it is the perfect salute to a genre that is best known for its sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. When I was young I would see on MTV the videos for Same Ol’ Situation and Kickstart My Heart and be awed by how F-ing cool these guys were.

So thank you both for sending the onesie to me so that I may pass on this monster of rock to my son. For everyone else who doesn’t know how awesome Motley Crue is, I have attached the following video.


Pat Lemieux

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