Just say no to Home Depot

OK, I have been nice up until now. But enough is enough.

You’ve all see them. The “friendly” Home Depot commercials. The ones that sugest you go out this weekend and tackle a simple household project. They sound so innocent. How you can do it all, cheaply and with great results. “That’s the power of Home Depot.” I’ll spare you the agony of embedding the commercial because if you sit through the entire thing blood might shoot our of your eyeballs. But they go something like this:

You and the power of Home Depot can build a brand new addition on your house and plant a giant garden in an afternoon without breaking the bank and fighting with your spouse. After that, try freshening up your dining room with new paint and install new shelving in a closet all before bed. Then everyone will love you and think your house is the best.”That’s the power of Home Depot”

What an absolute pile of [expletive].

I have spent the better part of the last five years remodeling different parts of my house and landscape. I have spent countless weekends and a small fortune trying to do it all and still, I have to see these commercials.

What they should really say is:

Spend your Memorial Day weekend completely lost in one of our stores. After three or four hours of frustration you will be ready to empty your wallet and head for home. Once there, put that steak back in the freezer because there won’t be any time for grillin’ and chillin’ this weekend. You’ll spend the remaining days being tired, frustrated and wishing that you had gone to the lake.

I’m taking a stand. This weekend I plan to BBQ, have a beverage or two, spend time with my son and family, build a fire and relax. It’s the start of the summer and here in Maine they don’t last very long so I’m going to slow down this year and enjoy it. The shop will just have to sit idle this time around.

If you’re reading this I encourage you to take a stand as well. This summer just say no to Home Depot and home improvements. Its not like the house is going anywhere so make sure you take the time to get out with your family and friends. No more being lost in a giant home improvement warehouse. No more being broke because you spent the budget on mulch and new concrete pavers. No more spending beautiful summer days inside trying out the latest paint and primer in one. NO MORE. Enjoy summer 2012. This is where I’ll be spending mine.

Pat Lemieux

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