Parenting’s little moments

Parenting seems to be all about the little moments. The good ones, the bad ones, the ones you will remember for ever and the ones you can’t forget….no matter how hard you try. It’s good to slow down from time to time and reflect on those “oh so precious” moments

  • The moment when you wake up to a crying baby at 3am and you have to work in the morning.
  • That moment when you’re in the middle of dinner and your child, who is sitting next to you in their high chair, proceeds to fill their diaper.
  • That moment when your kid is screaming, but you can still hold a conversation with a buddy about why the Sox better get their heads out of their asses.
  • That moment when you’re baby sneezes……all over your face.
  • That moment when you realize that no matter how nice you dress, you’re not in a fuzzy bear snow suit and no one will be looking at you.
  • That moment you recite all the words to the book The Rainbow Fish without even opening the cover.
  • The moment when you make up most of the words to a nursery rhyme because you can only remember the first line or two.
  • The moment you think you’re playing with your kid and their toys only to look up and find that they have left the room.
  • That moment when your child sees you coming with the wash cloth and immediately begins crying.
  • That moment when your child decides that they no longer like Cheerios, and you’re at a loss for what to feed them.
  • That moment you get the camera because your child is doing something funny and they immediately stop.
  • That moment when you decide the sun has set far enough and you’re going to bed.
  • That moment when the small of you back starts to hurt as you trail behind your baby, letting them hold your hands as they try to walk around the house.
  • That moment you understand why bringing your baby to the restaurant was not a good idea and that take-out would have been a much better choice.
  • The moment you regret giving your kid a cup without a sippy lid.
  • The moment you realize you will be missing the football game.
  • That moment you decide you’re not going to stop the dog from licking the baby anymore.
  • That moment you notice that if you don’t do some laundry the baby will soon be sporting a pillow case filled with hand towels and newspaper.
  • That moment you caught the bottle your baby dropped with your left hand just before it hit the ground and the crowd in your head went wild.
  • That moment you watched you kid pick up unidentifiable matter off the floor and eat it.
  • That moment you found yourself listening to a lot of Whitney Houston and The Bee Gees because your child likes to dance.
  • That moment when your baby wakes up in the car and there is still another 45 minutes to get where you’re going.
  • The moment in the restaurant when you realize you didn’t bring enough snacks. This is also the moment when everyone else in the restaurant begins to notice that you are there.
  • The moment just after you’ve changed your baby’s diaper and realize that they were not finished.
  • That moment when you figure it out that you will continue having moments like these for a very long time.

this moment right here

Pat Lemieux

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