Daddy got a new job

I started this blog shortly before he was born because at the time, I ran blogs for the Bangor Daily News, the site hosting this blog, and wanted to be better at my job. That was over 3 years ago.

I left that particular position shortly after he was born for another, then another, then another within the company. So for the entirety of my son’s life he has known that daddy gets up in the morning, goes to work, and comes home late in the day. Sometimes daddy isn’t home for dinner and sometimes he has to work on weekends.

But all of that changed because daddy got a new job.

A month ago I accepted a position working for the American Heart Association as a Corporate Events Director and said goodbye to the field, and company, I had known most of my professional career.

It wasn’t an easy decision (the tough ones never are) and there will be things I will miss. But I have a lot to look forward to. Mainly the stress that comes with media has melted away and I can focus more on what is right in front of me. A family that I love and a son I enjoy spending time with.

I’m on the road a few days a week as I cover events all over the state (which means daddy still has to get up and go to work some days) but I also get to work from home a few days a week.

That means that I now has an office in the house where I get work done and my son has a little desk next to me so he can get his “work” done too. So “at least for now” I can look over my left shoulder and see my little buddy coloring away at his desk.

It’s only been a few weeks and I’m sure there will be a post or 2 to follow on the matter, but for now I love the switch and my new office mate.

little manchild at work

Pat Lemieux

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