BREAKING NEWS: Parents think other parents are doing it wrong.

I read the post by Alex Steed published on this site earlier today. The post is a simple documentation about how he and his wife are choosing to raise their daughter. In the post Alex explains the type of language allowed in their house,  they way they respond and interact to ‘salty” language, the type of movies they watch and the type of toys they allow in the house.

The approach in the Steed home is not the 1950’s “Leave it to Beaver” bullshit that we as American’s have had shoved down our throats for decades. Swearing is allowed, movies can have a higher rating than G and toys are for either sex.

What Alex has done is open up his life and home for the betterment of his readers. So that they may understand how and why his family’s home operates the way it does. I’m sure he knew it would elicit responses from people both for an against his parenting style and I know his skin is think enough to take on any “troll hate” this type of blog post will garner.

I don’t run my house the same way Alex and his wife do (both of whom I know and think are wonderful people). But that doesn’t mean I am against how he does it. For that matter I am not all fired up to stand by his side in support of it either. I guess I am indifferent, as it is HIS HOME and HIS FAMILY. The decisions they make are done together as a family and they are raising their child safely and responsibly.

So why then does his post have so many people lining up to take sides for or against his style of parenting. The answer is simple.

Every parent thinks they are raising (or have raised) their children correctly. And in truth, most do. But in the age of the internet we feel the need to get on our soapbox and type away to let others know how they are doing it wrong.

It is a sad reality of the culture we live in and the online community we as a society foster and tolerate.  And my blog post or a thousand like it will not change that fact any time soon.

So rather than congratulate Alex for his progressive parenting style or line up to cast the first stone, I’m just going to say thank you. Thank you Alex for sharing. Thank you for opening the door and letting us know how you do things at your house. It allows me to reflect on my parenting style and make judgement about things (if any) I may want to change.

Because at the end of the day it really does take a village. Just maybe not the village of online commenters.


Pat Lemieux

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