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Spring cleanup, who has time for that?

I bought my home in Bangor a few years ago, in the late fall. In that first spring before all the snow was even gone I was out raking the esplanade. I felt pride in the fact that my front yard was the first on the street to be raked. By mid April I had the entire yard […]

What advice do you have for a dad-to-be?

Recently, I found out that a good friend was going to be a father. When I heard the news, I smiled. I thought about how wonderful my son is and what a big part of my life he has become, and I was genuinely happy for my friend.  I rushed out to congratulate him in person. While […]

The tools you need to get your baby to eat (other than pliers and a shovel)

Getting your kid to eat — easily one of the least rewarding jobs on the planet. My son needs to eat roughly six times a day based on his sleep-snack-dinner-sleep pattern. A meal can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes from the time you strap him into the chair to the time he protests getting his face cleaned. […]

Is your child on track?

Before I was a dad I could be found talking about pretty much anything. But as a new parent goes, most of my conversations  start off the same way. “Hi. How are you? I’m fine thank you. My son? Yes he is doing great thank you for asking. He’s almost 10 months old now. Time […]

Trapping your kids is for their own good

HEADLINE: “Baby falls down stairs while dad puts excessive amount of gel in his hair.” Needless to say I don’t fee like being “that dad.” So I had to take a break from my moratorium on home improvement projects to install a toddler essential – the baby gate. The sales pitch for a baby gate should be the following: […]

Baby Halloween costumes – a little blackmail, a little revenge

When my son’s mother first told me what she wanted our son’s Halloween costume to be I gave her a smile, and an immediate yes.  It wasn’t a flesh-eating zombie.  It wasn’t a Bangor inspired Paul Bunyan.  It wasn’t a present day pop-icon. It wasn’t a giant squid (that would have been cool).  She wanted to dress our son […]