Baby or Brady

Pressure, stress, fear, excitement, nausea, hysteria and finally, euphoria. No, these were not the feelings surrounding the birth of my son (he has a few weeks to go yet) but all the emotions I felt watching the Patriots narrowly beat the Baltimore Ravens last night to win the AFC Championship and earn a trip to Superbowl XLVI.  

In the final seconds of the game as the Ravens’ kick went wide of the goal post I thought I could hear my son hooting and hollering from his mother’s womb. OK, maybe not…maybe that was me and maybe I was in the living room.

However, a new fear came over me last night. With the Superbowl being on February fourth and my son being due on the tenth, there is a chance he could be born during the big game!

How do I tell him that I have plans for that night and it would be best if he just sat tight until his due date?  Will he understand? Or will he want to come out early so that he can witness firsthand Brady and company going for their fourth Superbowl championship?  If so I should check to make sure there is a TV in the delivery room at EMMC.

Pat Lemieux

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