Got Life Insurance?

Watching the Grammy’s last night this commercial caught my eye. It was filled with He-Man, Transformers, Loony Tunes and other lovable characters from my youth. The marketing geniuses behind this commercial got together and said we want to target people in their late 20’s to early 30’s so lets bring up feelings of nostalgia using their favorite cartoon characters to get their attention and sell them our product.

And that product is… insurance. Wait, how is that possible? Life insurance? Why isn’t it Coors Light and IPhone. How am I getting life insurance and financial planning marketed top me. Do I fit the demographics of someone who is post college, with a house, career and family to take care of? Oh… I do.

With this realization I went from loving the commercial one moment to hating it the next. Loathing what it represented. My emergence into society as an upstanding, responsible adult who needs to make the correct decisions for my family’s future. Life insurance? What the hell do I need life insurance for? I’m never going to die! How dare these a**holes at MetLife use my childhood hero Optimus Prime to sell me right into a smart, thoughtful investment instead of something cool like a trip to Dublin or a jet-ski.

There may come a point when trivial stuff doesn’t bother me but for now getting older sucks. And so does MetLife.

Pat Lemieux

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Pat has it all, family, big old house, dogs, a young son and a quarter-life crisis. He blogs about trying to be who he has always been and be who he now needs to be. He enjoys 90's grunge metal, tasty local brews and the outdoors.