And the winner for proudest grandmother is…..

This is my mothers desk at her office. I think she has more photos up then there are days my son has been alive. If you look closely you can see that one of these is not even a frame. It’s an album full of photos. If you are reading this and you haven’t bought stock in Wal-Mart’s photo department, well what are you waiting for.

It makes me laugh a bit, because I don’t think I was ever asked about grandchildren. Not once did my mother bring up the issue inappropriately in front of girlfriends or at family functions. Even after I was married. Never did I get the grandmother guilt laid on me at holidays or parties.

Now I realize that she has repressed these feelings all along and now that the grandchild is here she is bursting at the seams with grandmotherly love.So now I send out a plea to those who work with her. If any of you are reading this, please continue to be nice to my mother while she gets it all out of her system. She can’t help it.

I was asked why I still don’t have a photo up in my office yet of the kiddo. All I have up is photos of the dogs. My answer to that is once the boy sleeps through the night and goes to the bathroom outside I will put him up as well. Just kidding Mom, I’ll get one up soon.

Pat Lemieux

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Pat has it all, family, big old house, dogs, a young son and a quarter-life crisis. He blogs about trying to be who he has always been and be who he now needs to be. He enjoys 90's grunge metal, tasty local brews and the outdoors.