Take that $3.85 a gallon!

There it is. My 2 wheeled beauty. My means from point A to point B.

I work a little over 2 miles from my house and this is a great way to get back and forth. Given the added cost of having a child it will be more important then ever to try to save money where I can. What I love most is that I can pretend its all about the exercise and not about being poor. When someone comments “I see you’ve ridden your bike a lot lately,” It’s much nicer to reply “It’s a great way to stay in shape” then to talk about the price of gas.

If you have found this cost cutting measure helpful look for one of my next posts including “No lunch Fridays” “I made it myself” “the economics behind PBR tallboys” and “insurance is for people who get in accidents”


Pat Lemieux

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