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Ladies and gentlemen, I like millions of others, am living with an old furnace. I mean old…, older than my parents. It looks like a time machine in my basement. The size of a Volkswagen minus the fuel efficiency, this relic from a simpler time begrudgingly clicks on and off to heat my home.

Different parts of it have died since I bought the house making it not only one of the ugliest home features, but the single most expensive ordeal that I have to deal with. The latest “episode” was a few weeks ago and was a minor fix. I only suffered a two-hundred dollar bill and a very cold shower.

A few months ago Bangor Gas ran Natural Gas lines down my street. Hopefully at some point soon I will be able to put the furnace out of its misery, but trying to scrape together the cash to do a natural gas conversion and system replacement isn’t that easy, especially when the monster in my basement hemorrhages fuel like the post office hemorrhages money.

Here it is in all its beauty. Working since the Eisenhower administration.  Louder than thunder and lightening my wallet with every  “click” on.


Please, if you are suffering with an old and inefficient heating system please share with me a photo of yours on Facebook. I would love to see if anyone has one older than mine.

Pat Lemieux

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