Changing diapers: from disaster to master

OK, maybe not a master, but solidly better than I was back at the beginning. The first attempts at waste management with the boy were miserable failures. He would cry the entire time, and really, who could blame him. I didn’t know how to hold his feet, or how to wipe with one hand, or properly put the diaper on. I would just fumble around and 5 minutes and 47 wipes later we would somehow be done.

We really have come a long way from those early days. I just had to figure out a system that worked for me.

1. Hold his legs like I would hold 2 long neck bottles in one hand at the bar.

2. Coverage is key when trying to avoid pee all over the place. Without proper coverage a simple job can quickly turn into something similar to the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

3. Communication is key. I have found that letting the boy know he has made a mess of himself and he needs to be changed helps him mentally prepare for whats coming.  Also I find using the cute little baby voice even when we are talking about how stinky he is helps to keep him smiling and worry free.

I also have to say that I have become proficient in the wipe department. Most jobs can be handled with one or two which is a drastic reduction from the dozen or so I would use at the beginning.

There are days it seems that I am a miserable failure at many other simple tasks (holding, rocking, putting to sleep, feeding etc.) so it is nice to know that I am improving in some areas and this gives me hope that perhaps, I just might get better at some of the other parenting stuff too.

It could always be worse. I mean I could be like this.


Pat Lemieux

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