The 6:30/Manchild crossover event (part2)

Parenting bloggers Heather of 6:30 and a Glass of Wine and Pat of Manchild were asked a series of 10 questions about parenting. These are their responses. 

6. What are your expectations for your children?

6:30 – That they work hard and expect much from themselves. That they attempt to excel at something. I expect them to be good and kind.

Manchild  To be a doctor or a plumber. I will need both of those at some point in my life. Also to help out with mowing the lawn and shoveling the driveway. And no, I won’t buy a snow blower.

7.What are the things you fear/dread most about being a parent?

6:30 – Losing my child.  That’s it.  The only thing.

Manchild  That I won’t always be able to give him the tools he needs to be successful in life. And that he will grow up and not like 90’s grunge music.

8. Who are you outside of being a parent?

6:30 – A thorn in my husbands side. A reality tv junkie. A blogger.

Manchild  Hiker, biker, craft beer lover. Music fanatic who thinks that if I don’t like it, it obviously sucks. Perfectionist with some major O.C.D. issues (I count my footsteps and eat 1 thing completely before moving on to the next at dinner time). Also I’m a bit of a nerd D-bag with a false sense of entitlement. Oh and I love chicken salad.

9. Do you have a support network? 

6:30 – I think I do, but I’m the type of parent that can’t get enough.  I’ll take as much support as I can get!

Manchild  Sort of, I have a few friends that are telling me it will all get easier. Also I have family that are all on a waiting list for sleepovers. Or at least they were until they read about the 90-minutes of crying.

10.  What advice do you have to pass on to your child for their future?

 6:30 – I don’t intend to blow a bunch of smoke up my son’s hoo-ha about dreams and butterflies etc…. Life is hard in case anyone has yet to notice. Sometimes it’s best to be straightforward and practical about it.  However, I will tell him that Mommy will always love him no matter what and she’ll make him his favorite meal on demand until she can’t work a stove anymore……

Manchild  Do in life what makes you happy. And if you don’t know what that is, search feverishly to find it. Also read a lot. That one I didn’t learn until my mid 20’s when I found myself working in a place where I was the dumbest person in the room. Work hard not to be that guy……Oh and take care of your father when he is old and can’t remember his own name.





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