How many names does your child have?


He goes by many (and frankly – any) names

The birth certificate says Tristan Stone Lemieux, thought I rarely call him that. He has so many names in fact they are hard to keep track of. So I have started a list.

  1. Tristan
  2. Tris
  3. Tugs
  4. Baby Tugs
  5. Tug a rug
  6. Tug a bug
  7. Tuggy
  8. Bug-I-Ly   Tug-I-ly
  9. baby boy
  10. bibitte (french for little bug)
  11. buggy
  12. buggy boy
  13. handsome
  14. handsome pants
  15. silly pants
  16. sassy pants
  17. pants
  18. big boy
  19. handsome boy
  20. poudas (pronounced pooh-duh-ce)
  21. poodle
  22. pooh bear
  23. poodley poo
  24. smiles
  25. snuggles
  26. snugly tugly
  27. snu-a-ly  tug-a-ly
  28. teezy beezy
  29. little man
  30. little guy
  31. little bastard (don’t worry, only behind his back)
  32. little terror (also not to his face)
  33. Funny face
  34. the face (or simply face)
  35. T-Stone
  36. T-stone and the special sauce
  37. Big lip (often phrased as: “who’s the big lip” in a cute baby voice as he pouts)

I’m sue there are a few more too. There is no real rhyme or reason to any of it. Also he doesn’t seem to mind what I call him. At this rate he will have about 100 names by the time he is 1.

Pat Lemieux

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