The ‘golden age’ of infancy

Fathers to be, please listen up. This is important. Your newborn will need constant supervision. You cannot leave the room, set them down, prop them up and leave them unattended or event blink when you are with them. They are too little to do anything and therefore cannot be left to their own devices.

This period of unyielding neediness will be followed up by another. But instead of constant supervision they will need constant attention. As your child develops and refines their motor skills they will be able to move their arms and legs, grasp for things, want to stand, bounce, kick their legs and put everything, no matter the size. in their mouth (my son tried to eat a frosted flakes box yesterday then cried when it did not fit). It is this period where you will need to watch everything they do. To help them stand, walk, play and to keep them from causing harm to themselves or possibly the dog.

Still there is an in-between period, one that comes after the neediness infancy and before the constant attention it takes to monitor your child. This is what I am calling the “golden age” of infancy. It is where you can put your child down without them crying and walk away for a moment of time, (however brief), to do anything from grabbing the mail to having 30 seconds to pee. Your child will be happy to be left to their own devices and you don’t have to worry about them getting into trouble due to their lack of mobility.

Recognize and enjoy the gift that is this period because it is a transitional state that doesn’t last very long. By my observations the “golden age” period lasts roughly 36 hours. (see pie chart)



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