The weekend with no mommy – chapter 1

The Weekend with no Mommy – Chapter 1 – So far so good, I have not killed him.

As I said last week Tristan’s mother is leaving the state for 4 days. Today was day 1.  I am now solely responsible for his survival. Keeping him fed, rested, happy and dry.

A sort of sick feeling crept into my stomach earlier this week. It felt like I’d had a 6-pack and then got punched in the stomach. I couldn’t help but be distracted by thoughts of my son,,,,,,crying,,,,,, inconsolable,,,,,,, purple in his face…….for hours………..and hours.

Sure, everything would be fine at first, but as time wears on he would begin to wonder why it was me feeding him, and why I was giving him a bath and putting him to bed.

I thought that he would take one look at  me, and with his eyes say “You’re not mommy asshole. Where is she? Go get her now, or I will pitch a fit.”

I have to say though, maybe I sold myself short, because today was a good day. He ate pretty much on schedule, had a really good nap this afternoon, and was great tonight. We went for a walk downtown, then I gave him a bath, then a bottle and bed. He didn’t cry once.

Not only did he barely fuss today, he seemed to be in a good mood. Maybe I’m better at this parenting thing than I thought. Maybe I shouldn’t have worried at all. Maybe……maybe I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself. There are still 3 more days. More importantly there are 3 more nights. He might be sleeping now but that’s not to say that in a few hours he will want to get up and have a dance party.

So I guess with 1 day down I will remain cautiously optimistic about the road ahead. I’ll keep you all in the loop.


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