The weekend with no mommy – chapter 3

The weekend with no mommy – chapter 3 – You again?

When I went into my son’s room this morning at 5 he looked at me and gave me a look that seemed to say “oh, it’s you again”. Not his normal big grin and “happy to see you daddy” face. No no, not this morning. It was a start to a day that was filled with signs he is in fact, starting to miss his mother.

I will give him credit. He was a trooper all day. But unlike days 1 and 2 of this adventure, he seemed to be a bit more irritable. Maybe it’s because it was the third day of him being on a strange schedule. Maybe it was because his diet was a bit different. Maybe it’s because he is just sick of looking at my face all the time. Whatever the reason may be, he seems ready for his mother to come home.

We spent the morning playing and going for a walk around the neighborhood. I had to work this afternoon helping park cars for charity at the Folk Fest and helping coordinate the Bangor Daily New’s presence at the festival itself. The good news was that my mother was still in town and got a little extra Tristan time (maybe I should consider charging for this “experience”).

As the day faded and it things got a little hairy. The boy slept great this afternoon through a long car ride but because of that seemed to have hard time going to bed tonight. As I rocked him back and forth and paced around the room with him he looked at me and I knew immediately what he was thinking “dad, you’re doing it wrong.” Try as I might, I am no real substitute for his mother, who has perfected the formula for getting him to settle down and go to bed.

He did finally succumb to his exhaustion and fall asleep. I can’t help but think that I may have won this battler, but I’m starting to lose the war. Luckily his mother returns tomorrow and life can return top normal.

I want to stop for a moment and give Tristan’s mommy some credit. I have only been watching him for 3 days and I am exhausted. Trying to juggle him and work and everything else has been all-consuming and I applaud her efforts to take care of Tristan everyday. It’s a very impressive thing in my eyes and I don’t want to overlook how very hard it must be to do this everyday.

As much fun as Tristan and I have had I think it will be great to have his mom back in the picture calling the shots and running the show. But for now – its been 3 days, my son is asleep, dry, full, and has all his fingers and toes. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this one. (internet high-five)


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