Remembering summer fun

It’s Labor Day. The unofficial end of summer. The nights are getting cooler and I’m all ready thinking about what my oil bill is going to look like this winter. While I’m sitting around drinking my Dunkin Donuts pumpkin iced coffee (another sign of fall) I am looking though the photos on my phone and realizing that I had a lot of fun this summer. In the moment it seemed like I couldn’t do much of anything because I had a baby, but looking back I did a ton and took him along for the ride.  I thought I would share some of these fun times with you.

On July 4 we went to Bath to check out the Parade. Tristan loves the sounds of the tractors and the marching bands, the fire trucks make him cry.

Nice summer as Tristan got out around town as well. Some of his favorite spots were the pool with his mother and the playground neer the house for some sweet swing action.


He has a wonderful fascination with every place that he went. Trees, people, water, dogs …you name it, he want’s to grab it.
































We took a day trip to MDI where we hit up Cadillac Mountain, the gardens inside Acadia National Park, and Jordans in Ellsworth on the way home (obviously)













We hit up the Moxie fest in Lisbon Falls this summer. 5K, good parade, decent music and all the Moxie you would ever want. Great festival – I would recommend it to anyone who has never been.













We hit up the beach as much as we could this summer. Some days went well and some we got a little too much sand in our shorts. But we gave it our best and had fun each time. Popham beach, Reid State Park Beach and Ogunquit Beach were the highlights.











He loved trying to eat the sand. He did not love actually having sand in his mouth.












There were a few nice lazy summer days too when we would just slow down for a few minutes and enjoy the simpler things.















I’m looking forward to the fall. Apple picking, football games,  playing in leaves, dressing him up like something silly for Halloween. It should all be pretty fun.

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