Emma and Mason rank at top of Maine’s baby names in 2012

If you had a baby last year and named it Wyatt, Hunter or Chloe than you are not alone. Today the Social Security Administration released the top names for both boy and girl babies born in Maine in 2012.

The top name given to boys born in the Maine in 2012 was Mason, while Emma was the top name given to girls born. A total of 100 boys were given the name Mason in and 101 given Emma. This is by no means a surprise as both were the top names for 2011 as well.

Coming in a close second was Liam (98 boys were named this) with Noah, Owen and Jacob rounding out the top five. Second for girls was Sophia (78 girls were named this) followed by Abigail, Ava and Oliva. The source for this information is a 100% sample based on Social Security card application data.

Earlier this year the SSA released the top 10 boy and girl names at the national level. Jacob was at the top among boy’s names while Sophia was the most frequently name given to girls. This should come as no surprise as both were at the top of the pile in 2011 as well. Jacob has actually been the most popular name in the United States for newborn baby boys for the past 14 straight years, long before the Twilight Series.




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