When beer guys have kids…

So a few months back I met a man named Chad Lothian. Chad is something of a beer connoisseur. In fact he may just be the most knowledgeable beer aficionado I have ever met. My first thought was to build this man a blog (my old job) and give him as a gift to the thirsty masses. I thought to myself: here’s a guy who knows a lot about beer and likes drinking them so maybe others who liked beer will listen to him (I mean he had my attention). Luckily for me not only could Chad write, but he could write well. I have lived vicariously through his posts ever since.

At the time I was the man with an infant who longed for a tasty brew but it seems now the tables have turned. Chad is as of today the father of a newborn baby boy. More complicated than that is this is his second as he already has a wonderful 3-year old boy. (side note: having 2 children is actually like having 17 children to those of us who can’t imagine having more than 1)

With his wife in her last days of pregnancy  Chad spent his time stocking up on blog posts (the male tech-nerd way of nesting) one of which he wrote as a guest post for this blog. Please enjoy and visit his blog for all things beer. For the father’s out there like me it will be an immediate favorite.

When Beer Guys have kids…

Things change, which happens when anyone has a kid, it can be pretty obvious when a Beer Guy has a
kid though.

1. A Night out at the Beer Bar is over by 6:30 because you have to make it home to tuck-in your kid

2. The pocket on the front of your soft cooler has snacks in it, and we’re not talking peanuts and jerky
it’s baggies of goldfish and Cheerios.

3. You don’t roll the dice on that extra beer giving you a headache in the morning because it’ll be a
headache in two hours when it’s time to feed the baby.

4. If you are a chilled mug kind of guy that space in the freezer has been re-allocated for frozen breast

5. Your trip to the lake for the day involves a cooler full of bottles but only half of them have Beer in

6. It’s been 9 months since you needed to figure out who was going to be the DD for the evening.

7. If you’re going out with your wife, you lose pal, she hasn’t had a drink in 9 months, you’re the DD.

8. You will at some point find yourself out of beer snacks and try a teething biscuit.

9. You’ll be amazed at how hammered you feel after one beer and hours of sleep deprivation.

10. You left the Beer Bar with a kick ass new onesie… maybe you’ll get a T-shirt for Father’s Day.

11. You haven’t drank beer from one of your kids bottles… but you’ve thought about it.

12. An empty car seat is the perfect place to buckle in that growler you just picked up.

13. You exit the Brewfest to find your wife and kid sitting curbside waiting for you.

14. You convert one of your wife’s old brewery T’s into a badass brewery cape.

15. You are super proud the first time you’re in the beer aisle at the grocery store and your kid
hollers “BEER!” your wife on the other hand, super embarrassed.

16. Your kid thinks it’s a treat to go to the beer bar in the afternoon for a soft pretzel and so do you.

17. You’ll notice while waiting for the soft pretzel that the beer bar doesn’t have playful placemats and

18. You’ll DVR the documentary on the History of Beer so your kid can watch Disney.

19. You don’t know when you’ll have that magical Disney vacation but you know where you can get a
beer while you’re there.

20. The old rule “you never pass up a free beer” is void, at some point you’ll pass one up for your kid.

Yep, things change, but change is good right?




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