Stress, Life Hacks and Oreo Cookies

I want to start this off by first saying I am in no way addicted to Oreo cookies. That being said I could easily crush a bag while watching Modern Family, no problem.

Everyone enjoys their Oreos a little differently. Me, I like to dunk them and  eat them in one bite. This presents a real problem for me as it involves a choice. I can either dunk most of the Oreo and have it be partly soggy when I eat the cookie, or dunk the entire thing and then have cold milky fingers when I am done. Neither is an option that I like, so I don’t enjoy a lot of Oreos.

Then it happened. I was saved by this Oreo Life Hack. Of course, a fork! How could I be so stupid. The answer was right in front of me the entire time (well technically the answer was in a drawer in my kitchen).

But could it really be this easy?

I immediately went to the store and bought Oreos. Armed with a full glass of milk and a folk I gave it a try. SUCCESS!!! I now have my Oreos, exactly how I have always wanted them. Completely milk saturated with no mess,  no cold fingers or iffy leftover milk.

I was so excited it was all I could do not to eat the entire bag. I have told this story to several close friends with the same enthusiasm I write this with now. And later, I look forward to polishing off that bag of delicious Oreo cookies.

And here is the point.

Life can be hard. Really hard. You could have with a stressful job (or no job), a stack of bills, young children (or teenagers) health issues, family problems, addictions and no coffee.

While there is no easy solution for these problems hacks are out there to make life more manageable and in some cases, more enjoyable. It’s important to look for them, because who wants life to be harder than it needs to be. And because at the end of the day we all want to eat Oreo cookies in our own special way so that we can enjoy them that much more.

Here is a site that has 99 life hacks that could make your life a bit easier.



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