How morning conversations with a toddler go

Though perhaps not the most enlightening or deep conversations I have all day, the talks I have with my son each morning are some of the most fun (and sometimes frustrating) ones I have all day.

When waking up in the morning

Me: Good morning Tristan. Did you have a good nights sleep.

Tristan: No, No daddy. Want mommy.


When discussing breakfast

Tristan: Daddy, snack.

Me: Do you want some breakfast?

Tristan: No, snack. 

Me: OK buddy what would you like.

Tristan: Cupcake.

Me: No buddy, it’s 6 am, we don’t have cupcakes in the morning.

Tristan: No, cupcake!

Me: Sorry bud, no cupcakes this early, choose something else.

Tristan: Goldfish.

Me: No bud, we don’t eat goldfish at 6am. how about we have some breakfast. Maybe some peanut butter toast?

Tristan (sobbing now): No,  goldfish!

Me: No way buddy. Sorry

Tristan: Goldfish!

Me: Tristan, how about some cereal?

Tristan (angry now): Cracker!

Me: No buddy, it is too early for crackers.

Tristan (again sobbing): Gram cracker

Me:………….fine, you can have a gram cracker.


Deeper conversations about life

Me: Tristan, do you want to watch the news this morning?

Tristan: No

Me: Well, do you want to watch cartoons?

Tristan: No

Me: Oh is there anything you want to do this morning? Do you want to read a book or play with your toys?

Tristan: No

Me: Are you grumpy this morning?

Tristan: No

Me: Do you just want to say no to everything today?

Tristan: ………no

Me: Are you not satisfied with your life?

Tristan: No

Me: Well what should we do about that?


Me: OK, good talk son.


Before I leave for work

Me: Tristan, daddy is going to work, can I have a hug?

Tristan: No!

Me: Why not?

Tristan: Because I’m a pirate! Arrrrrrrrggg.

Me: Sounds good bud, I’ll see you later.

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