Something else you loved as a child

Last week I started the blog thread around things that we all loved as children that have re-entered our lives as parents. Several people began emailing me topics and sharing items on social media that they have rediscovered now that they have toddlers and I plan to write about all those soon. But right now I need to talk about one that appeared in my house this week.

photo 1You see I got home from work and my son had a grin ear-to-ear. He gave me his normal hug and then ran into the living room demanding that I come play with him. This interaction was more excited and manic than normal and once I hit the living room, I understood why. This was the day that my son was given roughly 100 hand-me-down Matchbox cars…and he was ready to play.

Once I saw them (and understood what the next few hours of my life looked like) I was just as excited as he was. They were amazing! All the colors of the rainbow represented in long, straight lines of die-cast beauty. From the heat resonating off the fire paint jobs to the glisten from the formed plastic windows, both my son and I were in love.

This now ends up being part of each day. We line them up, and then drive them off the radiator to the soft landing of the dog’s pillow, over and over again.

I’m transported to my simpler youth and get to enjoy each and every minute, except of course, when I have to pick them all up after he goes to bed.

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