“Tub Talk” with a 2 year old. (part 1)

Conversations with my son while he takes his daily bath are always entertaining. From time to time, some of these conversations are so good I feel the need to share them. This is in part for you, but mostly so I can look back and humiliate him when he is older.

Tristan: “Daddy, whats that?”

Me: “Well that is your pee pee.”

Tristan: “What’s in it?”

Me: “Uhhhhhhh, it’s your pee pee Tristan, you use it so you can go pee.”

Tristan: “But what’s in here?”

Me: “Oh, I see. Well Tristan, those are your testicles.”

Tristan: “Hickles? Why?”

Me: “Well, because you are a boy and all boys have them.”

Tristan: “Daddy, do you have them?”

Me: “Yes.”

Tristan: “Why?”

Me: ” Because I am a boy, and like I said, all boys have them.”

Tristan: “Well….I think….mine hurt.”

Me: “Your testicles hurt?”

Tristan: “Ummm….yeah.”

Me: “Maybe you should stop pulling on them like that then.”

Tristan: “But, …..(sigh)……ok.”

Me: Ok.


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