One person’s trash is another person’s Christmas gift


“You want me to do what?” I looked at my wife puzzled. Then I gave her the eye roll that she hates, followed by a long, drawn out sigh. “Fine,” I said. “Let’s go pick it up”.

“It” was a broken-down entertainment stand on a side road in Eddington. “It” took 45 minutes to go get. “It” barely fit into my Subaru. And “it” was going to be a Christmas gift for my son.

IMG_6641 I can take no credit for the vision, or the planning of this project. It was all my wife’s scheme. The plan was to take this roadside p.o.s. and turn it into a play kitchen for our little boy.

We spent chilly evenings out in my barn over the past several weeks cutting, sanding, drilling and painting to turn what once was destined for the junk yard into something that my son will be delighted with on Christmas morning.

What started out as a pain in my ass most evenings turned into a project that I really enjoyed doing. The closer we got finishing it the more excited I became. Now I want to keep working on it and am already thinking about upgrades and additions down the road. The total cost of the project was around 35 bucks (most of that was on paint) which makes it one of the most inexpensive things I could have gotten him for the amount of time he will surely spend making me imaginary hamburgers and cupcakes.

I want to thank my in-laws for the router they bought me a few years ago, allowing me to properly cut a window for the oven, my uncle for finding stove knobs during his weekly trip to the dump and especially to my wife; without her this project would never have happened.

Merry Christmas everyone.


















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