A letter to my son on why I switched jobs

Recently I accepted a position as the marketing manager for C&L Aviation,  a well-respected and growing company in Bangor Maine.  The company is a one-stop shop for maintenance, painting and upgrading private and commercial jets. They are also involved in the sale, leasing and service of corporate airplanes around the world. In a sense, this is […]

Halloween is over; how long until Christmas?


It was a wild weekend for us. The culmination of weeks of planning and months of listening to my son talk about it; Halloween came. For us it is much less a sprint around the neighborhood in hopes of getting good candy, and more a marathon of decorating, crafting, planning and events. It started weeks […]

A typical morning with a three-year old


Time: Sometime around 0-dark-30 Weather: (No idea, it’s dark out) BANG (The boy’s door opens) pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter (He runs to our room) BANG (He opens our door) One of my eyes opens to look at the clock. It is 5:40 in the morning. Like a groundhog ruining my garden my son […]